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03-22-2012, 07:36 AM
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The same people that are crying over fighting right now, will then cry for less hitting. And soon we can enjoy figure skating with sticks and a puck. I know how unwatchable certain European leagues have become because they tried to make the game more family friendly and restricted physicality more and more.[/QUOTE]

People on this board constantly complain about the officiating. They complain about all the clutching and grabbing going on. They complain that scoring is down and offense is down and star players cannot show their skills.
But goons who do little but fight and slow the game down are ok?
Fighting in general slows the game down and equates to lower scoring.
Clean hits and checks are great to watch and part of the game. As much as I dislike fighting I don't want to eliminate it completely. But if fighting was banned I wouldn't blink an eye.

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