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Originally Posted by Santini5389 View Post
What is this "push-pull" you guys are talking about? I've never really had any formal shot training and my regular wrist shot is pretty hard, but I've never heard of the push-pull and I want to know if I'm doing it.
Push-pull is when you push through with your bottom hand while pulling back with your top hand. You're using your bottom hand as a fulcrum. Think like a catapult. Most people do something like this subconsciously, but if you work on it you can up the power quite a bit.

Originally Posted by Santini5389 View Post
Really? I thought flex had everything to do with weight and your capability to to actually utilize the flex.
There are really two factors at play, stick length and strength. Stick length is personal preference but for most people, the taller they are, the longer the stick. Longer sticks feel whippier because you can put more torque on them.

With strength, most people are a lot more average than they'd admit, unless they have spent a lot of time in the weight room.

Example: You can have a guy with 10% bodyfat at 5'8 150 or 35% bodyfat at 5'8 200. That body fat isn't making the fat guy any stronger, so there's no reason he should be using a stiffer stick than the skinny guy. Now if he was 5'8 200 with 10% bodyfat, he'd have 45 more pounds of muscle and probably be strong as hell and would be able to use a stiffer stick.

But for your average beer league schlub, you're probably not going to be insanely stronger than the next beer league schlub who's 6" taller or shorter than you. That's why I recommend based on height, not weight.

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