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03-22-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
Thank you for going to the trouble of posting the summary. Gainey needed to plug a hole at center, and nobody here was willing to give up major assets. So Gainey had to reform the top 6, and do it on the cheap. From Summer 2009 through summer 2010 it looked like he pulled it off, added new effective top line talent (Gionta-Gomez-Cammelleri) for just the cost of Higgins and a prospect.

Of course now in 2012 it fell apart, both Gomez & Cammelleri turned into a shell of what they were even in 2010, but I don't see how that it's Gainey's fault that these 2 guys' careers collapsed? Not that the Gainey crowd will stop to think about it.

Yes it's too ****ing bad about the loss of McDonagh who turned into a solid Dman, we sure coulda used him this year, so that was tough, but he would not have saved this season anyways. The Habs' D lineup should be decent again next year with our MVP back in form, and a nice crop of D prospects will be hitting the AHL too.
Actually that wasn't my conclusion.

I agree that Gainey was obsessed with the center position, that's the baseline, but I don't agree that the obsession was logically-founded, and thus I don't agree that the Gomez trade was necessary.

The team fundamentally underestimated Plekanec. He had a bad season, but bad seasons happen to good players. That's why they offered him a 1-year contract for 2.7 million. They were not sure he could be a to-6 center. He is a top-20 center in the NHL if you average over the last few years.

They also overestimated Gomez. If you're going to throw a good package at a center, fine. But why do so for a center who is inferior to Koivu? Getting Gaborik to play on Koivu's wing would have been better. They could have also kept Tanguay -- he was the perfect winger for Koivu. I agree that having an elite center is nice, but it doesn't follow that having a second tier center is almost as nice. It's not.

The BS about teams being built down the middle was just armchair GMs who hated Koivu gravitating to the nearest slogan. It was not the root cause of the Habs problems. The problem of the 2008-09 season was injuries, and thus, likely a combination of bad luck, poor conditioning, and poor equipment.


I forgot to say, in the 2009 draft, 5 of the Habs 7 draft picks went to centers, including 1st rounder Louis Leblanc and 3rd round Joonas Nattinen. Gainey also signed Mikael Johansson and Andreas Engvist to contracts, in the hopes either one might pan out. Gainey was obsessed. The criticism from the armchair GMs about center depth got to him.

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