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03-22-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
I have to say again, if Boyle doesn't start hitting the damn net soon, it's such a waste to play him with Zook. It's a waste of goals (that we need!) to see quality passes get ruined time after time. Although for all the Boyle bashing, he's at least good at putting himself in a position where Zook can find him. We know Boyle can score, that's what's so damn annoying.

The funny thing is, it seems it's almost always Boyle Zook is threading the puck to. They seem to have a really good understanding of eachother. Now if only Boyle could remember how to finish... ARGH! He could've scored a couple of goals already from the prime chances he's had. Hopefully, Anisimov can get some good passes in the next couple of games. His shot is wicked when he gets the open space to set it up.

Zook has looked better than ever in the last couple of games. His offensive skills have always been elite, but he isn't dogging it defensively and his board work is underrated. You get the impression he's all over the ice on his shifts, but that's not because of his skating, but because of his hockey IQ and vision once again. He's reading where the puck will end up before it is arriving there. It's such a joy to watch, not many players can do that. That's stuff that is so hard to teach out, you must have it in your gut feeling.
Yeah, it drives me crazy. I love Boyle, but Zucc has giftwrapped a few goals with no payoff. Hopefully they gain some more chemistry and Boyle starts to bury those.

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