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03-22-2012, 11:03 AM
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Anyone go to the Kisses for Kyle event last night? Giroux, Read, Kelly and Schultz were there. My sister's boss was sponsoring it so he got us tickets. For a $5 donation you could get an autograph. It was run very poorly in regards to the autographs...they were doing numerical calling, then all of the sudden said last call because I think everyone was just cutting in line, and we were like the last people to get autographs.

My sister literally molested Matt Read, and I got a puck signed by him and Giroux, and my authentic Winter Classic signed by G. I had an interesting exchange with Giroux and the guy working his table:

While Giroux was signing my puck...
Me: Please beat that ugly ******* Malkin for the Art Ross, I can't stand him doing anything right.
G: I'm working on it man haha, trust me I want to.

Handing over the jersey...
Me: Claude can you use this marker? (Sharpie paint marker I just picked up, not the crappy normal silver one, they were out of Decocolors)
Worker: Claude has every marker
Me: Yea well Claude's markers suck, please use this.

G proceeds to laugh at me, sign the jersey, it looks like ****, and I just respond
Me: Well crap, my markers suck too. Thank you, sir.

He laughed at me, and was just really cool the whole time. He posed for a picture with my gf, but I got rushed away before I could, even though he was completely willing. It was a fun event, the guys were really nice.

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