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03-22-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
Holy ****. (Especially the hip part)
John Rambo needs to take pain management lessons from you.
Yeah, it was rough even for me. And ive got a pretty high pain threshold to boot.

I guess things can only get better from here though. The surgeon said I had some of the toughest vertebrae he's ever had to cut through in 20 years. They were so strong that he said he doesnt see a need for a fusion "in my lifetime"...even with the arthiritis I already have. He said all the disks were seated nicely but my ligiments were a mess as well as all my facets from s1 up to L3. He said he cleaned everything up, remove a few bad ligiments, opened up 5 nerve passages and cut out everything that was in the way. Pretty much "text book" as he said. 3 hours total.

Nice part was my drop dead, smoking hot PA woke me up out of my GA with a nice cold Pepsi. First thing I (apparently) said was "am I in heaven? My wifes gonna be pissed". Lol no kidding.

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