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03-22-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Enough. God.

The guy inherited a mess.
Massive injury problems.
Undermined by his own management.
Massive pressure from media.
Rookie NHL coach.

But yeah, YOU expect him to perform like Scott Bowman.

Get real.

In fact he has kept pride in the players, and said more than once that if you wear the Habs jersey, you play hard. And most guys have.

THAT was his job this year, and he's done it very well.

You really are a muppet sometimes.
I'm a muppet? Because I expect better from a coach, no matter his situation..
I'm not asking for the moon either, I don't even care if our record would stay exactly the same. So really, I have no idea what you're whining about.

You're willing to give him a pass because guys are still playing hard (you forget to mention that management shipped out the guys that were a little more difficult to keep motivated, AK-Cammy. He wasn't able to make those guys play hard, but hey, I guess that's the players fault. But, give him credit for making an exemplary player like Plek play hard. Sure. ).

All I'm bashing RC on is coaching related decisions.
Media Pressure has NOTHING to do with that.
Injuries have NOTHING to do with that.
Inheriting a ''mess'' has NOTHING to do with that.
Being undermined by management...Proof of that would be nice. Management coming out to say French is important and they'll reevaluate the situation after the season has NOTHING to do with coaching decisions during a game.

I criticize him for not instilling a system, unless you want to call ''Dump&Chase, clear the defensive zone by shooting puck out the boards, and no neutral zone counterattack strategy '' one.
I'm criticizing him for putting Gomez on the PP.
I'm criticizing him for not dismantling the first line when the rest of the forwards are useless (that 1st line was not making us win, so what's the point in keeping it together when it means losing in the end?).
I'm criticizing him for breaking up an obvious working duo, AK-Eller, to create an obvious non-working one in Gomez-AK.
I criticize him for benching Eller after he couldn't shutdown Datsyuk's line, a mission Eller shouldn't have been given in the first place.
I criticize him for benching Eller during a 3rd period + OT, and then using him as the 3rd shooter in the Shootouts.
I criticize him for his use of Campoli over guys like Weber.

Maybe upper management could force his hands in making him use players like Gomez/Campoli, but I don't buy it.
Say they did though, everybody here seem to think they also made it clear to RC that he would be let go at the end of the season, so why would he listen to them? He could tell them off and use whoever he pleases, anyways, he's gone after, so why make himself look bad? Doesn't add up.

I have sympathy for the guy, he was thrown to the wolves. I'll grant you that. But sympathy doesn't make me brush everything off. The man has done a terrible job.

I mean, when you're trying to argue that he's done a good job because guys are playing hard, it's because you have nothing else to say. And you say I have to get real? Please man, give it a rest already. The guy has done a very bad job, but hey, blame the world before him I guess, that's much more realistic.

Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Missed my point. Habs suck this year. They don't have enough good players, for many reasons. RC kept pride, that's all I expected, and he did it. What did you expect, the 70's Habs?
Right, because there's nothing between keeping the pride and the 70's Habs.
What the heck is wrong with you? Are there only extremes to you? No middle? Is asking for a structured system really too much? Jesus Christ man..

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