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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
And I disagree with you 100%. The ONE area that E has an edge is on the PK. Smith is already ahead of him in reading and anticipating plays, which he's using to thwart opposition efforts and to drive our own offensive efforts. I am much more comfortable with him at ES. The main thing he needs to do is get his stamina up.

No way I agree that E is better positionally. That's been one of his biggest problems all along. Sorry.

The hallmark of the out-of-position defenseman on the Wings was Ericsson. If he limits his movement to two strides in any direction once he's in his own zone, he has a good game. Problem is that he's always wandering off.

I think this run of injuries + slumps has made some of you guys forget what the other guys do.

Experience and stamina. Had Smith been called up earlier, I don't think we'd be having this conversation. I'm ready to yank Kindl for Smitty right now. E is in for the PK and size reasons.

Re: the rest of your post.
You realize you posted in the Washington GDT?
Oops. heh

Agree to disagree then.

I think Ericsson is a better defenseman NOW in his own end, no contest. What makes it close it Smith's stick work and skating; which he obviously beats Ericsson in.
Ericsson is better positionally. Hell, even Janik was better positionally than Smith. It's called experience. It's not a slight towards Smith at all.

There's a reason why Smith is always rushing back...If he wasn't a good skater/good with his stick...would he look THAT great defensively? He's caught more often than not (IMO more often than the goat Ericsson, who isn't even playing right now) out of position. He fixes that, which I know he will he's too good, the kid will dominate.

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