Thread: News Article: 4 more years of Gomez?
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03-22-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Edmontreal View Post
Most (if not all) european leagues would require a legally binding contract between Gomez and the team, would Gomez sign in Europe? Maybe.
Huet was a marketable, household name in the Swiss league before his NHL career, I dont think Gomez is as marketable at all in Europe.
Would he be a solid addition in Europe? Yeah, I would think so, finding a team is probably doable, but Montreal would still have to pay a large chunk of his salary.

In short, sending him Hamilton is a lot easier.

If given a chance, maybe he'd still choose playing in Europe if NHL is completely out of the question.
From the Habs perspective it is easier to just demote him, on the other hand, that could potentially look bad around the league. Rangers demoting Redden seems to have worked out for them though.
It's probably easier for all involved if he goes to Europe. Out of sight is out of mind, after all. As long as he's in hamilton he's still in the org, influencing the prospects (not necessarily for ill, but really, is this a role model?). Plus side of having him in Hamilton is he'd probably clear re-entry waivers no problem at all. Or is that the downside?

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