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03-22-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by sensjersey11 View Post
I was on the floor.

You can usually ask any of the staff at the gates, they usually have earplugs for loud events. TP's not necessary, haha!

And it was pretty damned loud, although I didn't have the vocal drownout like you're describing. Different spots, I guess...

And as for the soundchecks, that's all done by the bands themselves, they have their own people. So whatever the levels were last night, that's what VH wanted them to be, I guess.

Worst part of the show were the weird "dog" interludes, though. David Lee Roth talking about random stuff in the middle of a show like that sort of let the air out of the building at times.
I'll definitely remember that tip about earplugs, thanks. Roger Daltrey was loud because the guys ia half deaf, but it was clean, crisp sound, not that drone fest. I do have humming in my left ear so maybe I was a little preoccupied, but I know a guy on the floor that left because he was dying on the floor. I have been to so many Grand Prix races which is incerdibly loud, but last night me and my bro, we were in pain.

I learned the difference between sheep dog and cattle dog, what, you didn't think that was important?

Diamond Dave is a mesmerizing front man, can't sing great but never could. It was great to see them back together.

Not that I would ever pay to see them but I did get there in time for "Celebration" which was kinda neat.

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