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03-22-2012, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Danadiens View Post
People here don't remember that McDo wasn't seen that good when the trade was made. Was average in college and didn't do too well in the WJC. He just exploded in the years after the trade. Stop saying you knew all the way he would be a stud, as some here were already saying he was the next Fischer...

McDo didn't have the sophomore year anticipated, but had a very good junior year. And not doing too well in the WJC is not a reason enough to trade a guy. They thought in 2007 that he was a stud and a great complete d-man. You don't suddenly think he's a waste after 1 year of College and a bad WJC. And as bad as you think he was, at worst, he was behind Subban in the prospect pool. You STILL don't trade a guy like that for a guy the other team wanted to get rid of. By the way, what is important is what THEY think. Not us. They have to know how important he is way more than what we think with our limited viewing compared to theirs.

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