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03-22-2012, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
I'm not... But if Bob Gainey had reason to blame Koivu, I will accept that (even tho I loved him as a player). We don't know what was going on behind the scenes, you are the one who is being rather bold in absolving Koivu of responsibility for the disaster.

Management release as UFA decade long captain & fan favourite, plus still decent NHL player, no contract offer, all with no real explanation, and you think they are trying to scapegoat him when the the injury excuse was very plausable? This was very telling that they had some behind the scenes reasons...
If management felt we needed to replace Koivu and the core, that's fair enough. But to let all those guys walk away with no return is unforgiveable. Moreover, to go out and overpay for a guy who the other team couldnt' wait to be rid of is lunacy.
Originally Posted by DenverHabsFan View Post
At least we caused collateral damage by sending the Caps into a tailspin.

The Caps have lost their identity since they lost that series...
They really have. The crazy defensive system they played the next season negated their biggest strength... offense. They ran into a hot goalie and got beat. It happens. Unfortunately for them they overreacted and now they're a shell of their former selves.

Injuries and OV's lack of focus have played a big role too but they're way too good a team to be fighting for a playoff spot. There's just no excuse for them to be where they are.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
If Koivu is to blame the collapse, which I don't think he is, then you still have a failed management decision. They should have sold their 10 UFAs at the deadline rather than lost them for nothing. Philadelphia was rumored to be offering JVR and a 1st for Mike Komisarek.
I don't remember that one.
Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Gomez??? Really? Roy trade is 10 times worse. Are we seriously comparing Gomez trade to Roy trade? One, we got a big contract(and lets be honest, not every team spends to the cap, so no excuses) and we traded a young top 4 d-man. The other we lost a generational goalie talent and one of, if not the best all time. I hate gomez's contract as much as the next guy, but these aren't even on same page.
Depends on how you look at it. From a consequential standpoint I think pretty much everyone would agree that the Roy trade was worse. But from the standpoint of wrongheadedness the Gomez one is right up there with it. Totally unnecessary move that made absolutely no sense at all.

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