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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
1. They don't translate perfectly, but I do find shooting in shoes does seem to help with shooting on ice.

For me when I stopped trying to focus on weight transfer, the shot improved. It's not so much upper or lower body but forward motion/momentum. Think of a drive off the back foot forward.

2. Maybe. Visualization is powerful.

3. Check earlier in the thread for my description of spin re: lifting the puck. You want the heel-to-toe movement of the puck, at least while learning.
thanks for the quick response!

I know there is a lot of emphasis on stick flex/weight shift. is it noticeable to you when you are taking a shot? I get down on the puck push it forward and whip it and sometimes its a beauty and i dont really remember feeling my body shift forward a LOT or the my stick was bending.

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