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Originally Posted by um View Post
i wonder if hunter did this in london where he had actual success
yes. show me any evidence that shows that dale hunter is remotely well spoken.
he's not quiet because he is reserved. he is quiet for largely the same reason that alex semin is quiet. he is not comfortable speaking.

see his interviews as a player. as captain he was the guy that the media went to particularly when the better offensive players were european. his answers were short and unremarkable.

post game as the coach he says little. the questioner asks, "how important was getting the first goal?". coach says, "it was important. its good to get a good start"
next question.

have you seen him give a referee crap for a hideous call? not once. when the referee talks to him, he doesnt speak. just listens. he might say, "ok" at the end.

he may have an advanced vocabulary and is afraid to use it. my take, though, is that he is a rural farmer with a less than high school education because he played junior hockey. as mcphee said, "he knows farming and hockey".

all the evidence is that he doesnt say much. that tells me that he has always coached just this way. he diagrams out the play/system. he tells you what he expects in a few words. questions are directed to the assistant coaches and you hope he never speaks a word to you after that.

why is jim johnson there? because, he is the mouthpiece. he IS a talker. he is a one on one instructor.

my guess is that if he speaks between periods he doesnt say much and doesnt have to raise his voice to be heard clearly.

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