Thread: News Article: 4 more years of Gomez?
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03-22-2012, 03:54 PM
Blind Gardien
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I suspect the pundits are prone to misinterpreting the few fleeting tidbits of news that they do hear about. There really isn't much news about the forthcoming CBA negotiations leaking out at all. We're all being left intentionally in the dark. Which is fair enough. I don't think either side wants this to be as much of a public battle as the last one, but the league also doesn't want any distractions from the playoffs and season either.

So if there is a question asked of a GM at the latest meetings along the lines of "do you expect to see amnesty buyouts" and that GM says "well, I don't know that we'll see those", it's about all that's out there, and yet, it actually doesn't mean much. Just like the time before that when they asked and somebody said "maybe there will some kind of amnesty buyouts", and the pundits leaped to tell us that they were likely. Neither the first case of reported likelihood nor the more recent case of unlikelihood seems to be founded on very much. Mostly because there just isn't anything to found it on, yet. The sides haven't sat down to negotiate. We have no idea what their respective sticking points will be, nor how much of a change might result to the overall CBA framework.

As Ozymandias has elucidated, there is no "concession" on amnesty buyouts. They are win-win in the trenches on both sides. Bought-out players get the same money they would have had they been bought out via the normal process. Non bought-out players get to keep more of their salary (pay less escrow, in effect), and GMs get to foolishly spin that money back out to new players and start the spiral all over again.

If anybody loses, it's maybe some principled-yet-naive observer who wants to see the GMs not get out of their mistakes, in the hopes that that will somehow teach them a new level of fiscal responsibility looking forward. But I think we've seen that that will never happen. No matter how you change the rules, GMs will always take the gambles and push the envelope. That doesn't change whether they are stuck with a buyout cap hit on the Scott Gomez's of the world or not. The lesson has always been that nobody EVER learns.

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