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11-16-2003, 08:41 PM
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haha. A funny read. I loved this article, especially since it is coming from a Cannuck writer....cough *cooke*

Anyways, the writer fails to take several things into consideration. First, he assumes that Tootoo is not able to defend himself. I think us Preds fans can say that he can stick up for himself very well. Second, he is blowing what Tootoo said way out of proportion. He quotes Tootoo as saying, I want to leave a mark on them, so they know I am for real......and makes this out to be a bad thing. Then he compares Tootoo with Bryan Marchment's quote saying he liked to injure his opponents ?????? Is this guy not reaching? Saying you want to lay a mark on somone to let them know he is for real, seems very different to me. Tootoo plays a physical game, and when he hits, he wants the other team to know that just because he is 5'9", he isn't going to back down. How is this bad? Third, the writer says that the instigator holds Tootoo back from getting his own "marks", yet he fails to realize that the instigator rule is the lone reason why goons with no talent, save their fighting skills, are even in the NHL. He even said that before the instigator players had to have semblance of skill, yet he contradicts himself by saying that the instigator protects Tootoo from the Worrel's, etc of the league. All in all, poorly written article.

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