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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
Believe me, every program can afford it, some choose not to do it out of a bottom line mentality.

Those who are worried about McDavid reporting have never had a conversation with him and dont know the parents. All season they kept their cards close to the vest. Limited interviews, focus on the next game and dont worry about April. Thats how they are. Until hes drafted or he agrees in principle to an education packege, they wont comment publically. Because of that, people make leaps. Irrisponsable leaps in my opinion.

And although its not on official requirement, they do ask about reporting and willingness to go anywhere. They woudlnt pass anyone who was not willing to do so. The Otters are under no obligation to pick him. Of course the OHL is not going to say publically that McDavid is going to be forced to report, thats bad PR, but trust me, Hockey Canada would not approve the application for someone who doesnt want to play in Erie. Its all part of the process.
That is great for all Otters fan to hear. I believe your opinion on this more so than any other poster that I have recently read on this matter. From what I hear Connor is not only of phenomenal talent on the ice but is a excellent person off the ice as well. I hate saying that he will for sure be in Erie even after reading your post because Im more of a I will believe it when it is written in stone kind of person, but if Erie is lucky enough to get him he is going to be absolutely loved here and treated the best way possible. Brad Boyes was the best player to play for Erie and everyone in the city knows his name and to this day he is still talked about. I remember the playoffs the year they won the title and every team in the league said the atmosphere in Erie was unmatched compared to other teams and of how loud the crowd was. The year they retired his jersey the team was not very good and it was a sellout crowd that night at least 5 years after he played here. With all due respect to Boyes Connor is a much better player at this point in his career so imagine how he would be treated here.

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