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03-22-2012, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
got cut off while replying to last night's thread so i'm just gonna stick this here.

can you really say we're a "good" team? this is a team that would be fighting for its playoff life in any other division.... heck, we were on the bubble just a few of weeks ago when the caps took over first for a bit.

i don't think so. this is an average team that's gotten pretty good production from the guys it needed it from and very good goaltending. they look really bad (enough to get spanked by teams at the bottom of the league) when they don't show up and work hard. that's what happened last night and it's not an isolated incident. not bashing specific people, just pointing out that it is what it is. hopefully as the rebuild progresses, we'll less and less of that.
if you havent read the main board you would find the division argument is completely off base. This team would be in the playoffs regardless of division.

In the past we lost games we deserved to win because of lack of talent. This season we have won several Not many but several games that we deserved lose whether it do to a luck bounce like against philly or because our talent compensated for the gap.

This is a good team. Any team that makes the playoffs is a good team.

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