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03-22-2012, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilersfanneedsdrink View Post
I dislike the ultra defensive responses from the pro fighting crowd that plainly always state, go watch basketball, go watch soccer, go watch another sport. I am sorry, i did not realize that fights themselves are an integral part of hockey being seen as a real sport. Fans with responses like go watch figure skating, makes my IQ level drop by 20 points just from reading that moronic crap. If that is the only argument you have, then we don't want your kind of fans in this sport. You represent the worst of our fan bases and stereotype hockey fans as unintelligent.

And no i am not speaking about the pro fighting fans, i am speaking about the Don Cherry type blow hards that have no counter response besides insults and telling loyal fans of the game to go watch another sport because they want to see two grown men tug on each others jerseys for 3 minutes. You know what, you want to watch fighting, watch Boxing, watch MMA, don't look to hockey to quench your thirst for combat sports.
ok i'm going to do this again and be a little nicer. we're not "pro fighting" we're about the game of hockey and how it has been played for many many many years. if someone sayd "go watch basketball" it means "go watch another sport that doens't involve fighting. to say "you wanna watch fighting, go watch MMA" makes MY IQ go down 30 (burn) because not everyone who is for the fighting wants to only see fighting. we just want to watch the game played how it has been played since the 19th century man. for people who don't like the fighting..find another sport.

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