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Originally Posted by AINEC View Post
Is the patch out for 360 yet??
Perhaps someone could answer a somewhat noobish (though, also, somewhat technical) question for me. I'm awfully clueless when it comes to consoles (I'm a PC guy) and I've always heard that console games couldn't be patched. What changed and how? The game still mostly resides on and runs from the disc, right, so how is the patch applied? Is it stored separately on the internal hard drive and, then, when the game is running, any file on the hard drive is used instead of the older copy on the disc? If not that, then does a game cache/install a small amount of files, including the main program file, on the hard drive, and those files can be patched, but not any of the content that stays on the disc? If it's neither of those, what is it? I'm just curious because I'm a tech nerd, but I don't really follow the modern console scene and am awfully lacking in knowledge of how the recent generations of consoles work on the inside. Thanks.

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