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03-22-2012, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by panthersflames1 View Post
if you havent read the main board you would find the division argument is completely off base. This team would be in the playoffs regardless of division.

In the past we lost games we deserved to win because of lack of talent. This season we have won several Not many but several games that we deserved lose whether it do to a luck bounce like against philly or because our talent compensated for the gap.

This is a good team. Any team that makes the playoffs is a good team.
well, what qualifies as a good team seems to be up for debate. with 16 of 30 teams making the playoffs, i think your definition is lacking. and the division argument isn't off base - with 85 points, we'd be in FIFTH place in the 2 strongest divisions, in 2nd place in the next 2 strongest divisions, tied for first in the 5th of 6 divisions. only in the SE would we be in 1st by any margin. if the caps weren't underachieving based on their talent, we'd be in 2nd in the SE too and fighting with buffalo for 8th. we are what we are - a moderately talented team in transition. we have a bit more talent and experience than in years past but that's it. and that's not why we won in philly (a team FAR more talented that ours, btw).

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