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03-22-2012, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Sorry, should I have said allowed to get to free agency? Whatever, they lost him. Sure ok, one player decided he wanted to move on. Fine it happens.

AND HE WASN'T BENCHED THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR! Seriously does no one remember how he had like 11 sacks in 11 games, kinda went cold for a couple then was out for a game or two. It wasn't till he return at like game 14-15 that he was rotating BECAUSE HE WAS STILL HURT. Urgh. He was never very good at playing the run, no problem. Neither was Philip Hunt or Cam Wake. Certain guys have certain jobs. He was a dynamic player that will be very much so missed.

And what about Carr? Do you buy the "offer expires as soon as you hang up the phone crap"? Any agent that can be taken that easily would be fired ON THE SPOT. Why did the Bombers not re-sign anybody except Pierce before Feb 15. Did not even TALK to Ormasionwu's agent to find out what he is looking for. This is unprofessional and frankly stupid the way the organzation is being run right now.
I'm not saying I'm happy with losing our FA's - I would like to have kept Donny O & Carr. However, Carr is replaceable - Imports are much easier to replace than NI's. Willis was good at pressuring the QB but his other faults let to him being a rotational player. You didn't watch the same Phiilip Hunt I did in 2010 - he was a good all round DE. Willis can be replaced and he didn't want to be here (because he would be a rotational player again). Baggs is available.

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