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02-16-2006, 06:57 PM
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here's what i think happened on stevenson;

i think one of four things happened here;

1)we knew the risk... but since stevenson had just cleared going down we gambled that we could recall him and he'd come back thru coming up.. hoping the fact no one had claimed him the first time and that the whole olympic thing would provide enough distraction to allow us to sneak him back up

2)we simply didn't do our homework and didn't realize he was at risk and had to clear coming up (i find this hard to believe, and much less likely than the first one, and certainly less excusable if it happened)

3)stevenson realy is part of an ongoing wink-wink deal for 'future considerations' after the roster freeze (i find this less likely than the other two to be honest, but still a possibility that has to be considered)

4)we sent stevenson down and have no plans to call him back up.. he's still making 450k a year even while he's down there... means we are going to have to pay him about 135 more thousand to finish the season in milwaukee.. we think...hmm...if we call him up, he might get claimed beacuse he'll be cheap with us having to eat part of his salary, we only have to pay half of the remaining slary, and this is the only way we can dump any of it... this is what i think really happened more than likely...we didn't want to eat the full salary, but knew no one would take him any other way, so we were willing let him go, to eat half and call it savings

so bottom line i don't think this was the unthoughtout screw up it appears on the surface..., i think we paid dallas half of stevenson's remaining salary, to save the other half...

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