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Originally Posted by Dhockey16 View Post
I'm pretty sure it's McDowell or Prep for the Otters. Students get out of McDowell what they put into it, and it appears that Connor is serious about education so that wouldn't be an issue. I'm not sure how his family feels religiously or what they think about an all-male school (Cathedral Prep), but he may be one of the few kids who choose the private school route. I think most people would agree the Otters will be a playoff team in a couple years with or without McDavid, but he's the difference between fighting for a 7 or 8 seed and a 1 or 2 seed. I'd love to see him feeding passes to Stephen Harper in front of the net. Even off the ice though I really believe he could adapt well to Erie if he gives it a shot. Ryan O'Reilly was only on the team for two years and he's still a pretty familiar figure around Erie even outside of people who know hockey. I can remember playing pickup at a particularly run down local arena over summer a few years back and O'Reilly was right in the middle of the action more than one time; albeit going significantly less than %50, but spending his time in Erie nonetheless. Apparently he saw something in Erie that so many others (Taylor Hall, Matt Duchene, even Jeff Skinner) never gave a thought. As mentioned before, only time will tell.
Ya Erie honestly can be one of the best places to play junior hockey its just a shame it has not been in most recent years but that is due to the fact kids don't want to come here. The other outstanding factors such as education remain strong, McDowell high school's class each year about 85 to 90% go on to secondary education maybe even more than that. In two years Erie should be a good and competitive team but if the can have Mcdavid they can be a great team challenging for the title.

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