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03-22-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by shiva View Post
Team deserved to win, but Rollie played like he was 8 years younger.

- Hemsky was insane, but I wish he would either shoot the puck or dangle to a place where he could at least pass it off. he kept going very high in the zone, and with no one to pass, he lost the puck a few times. At the very least, find the lane, slid the puck towards the goal and let the Oiler player in front battle for it.
- Smid was awesome.
- I really liking the Schultz trade more and more. Smid and Schultz in overtime on the PK. Horcoff haters should note Horcs was out for nearly all of the 2 minutes as well.
- Yet another cheezy call by the ref. Pretty lame, almost as if he got a phone call from head office to remind him to screw the oilers because he had forgotten.
- Khabby lost the shootout, not the players. You could have almost driven a truck through the 5 hole he left open. Ebs attempt was pretty weak.
- Harti looks like a great fit with Hemmer. I still think Gags is wrong for that line.
- The kids were average at best. Jones was the one that seemed missing more than anything else
- The third line was excellent all game. I know there are a lot of Omark haters out there, but he did have a pretty decent game. I think he lost possession of the puck a bit right at the end when he was on his breakaway (just like Hemsky BTW, which no one is noting). The shootout, he tried something new, rollie had a fast glove that time.

Should have won this one, rollie was the difference. Great game, end to end action.
You do realize he had 5 shots ON goal tonight right?

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