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03-23-2012, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by RonFournier View Post
I don't know why a student would go on strike alone if his student association voted against the strike... For those of us who are on strike no classes are given and the semester will end later with longer classes. And 40 years ago the student boomers were in the streets every week and striking a lot, but the classes they missed didn't prevent them form getting good jobs after.

On another subject great protest today, I was amazed by the massive number of protesters. I was hoping for 60 000 maybe but 200 000, what a huge collective "UP YOURS CHAREST" it was. Neoliberalism is finally being challenged publicly in Québec after years of political and social stagnation from the liberals.
So, you mean less time for students to work during summer to... lets say, get some cash for cegep/university ?


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