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03-23-2012, 02:12 AM
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My AL Only Auction Draft is on Saturday. I'm trying to think of which overvalued players I want to nominate for auction. The idea being that others tend to overpay early in the auction and get conservative towards the middle.

Jeter/Ichiro - Certainly useful, but their reputations tend to make them more expensive than their production.

Mauer - We have two catcher slots for 8 teams, so it's usually nice to get somebody to pay $20 for Mauer. I kept Carlos Santana and Mike Napoli+Alex Avila were retained as well, so the AL crop is pretty thin.

Konerko - He keeps chugging along, but this would take somebody else out of the running for Pujols/Fielder/Teixeira at 1B.

Upton - So we have a wrinkle in our league where if a player gets traded to the NL, you have to drop him immediately. Upton is an impending free agent and will probably be trade bait all season. Others in my league usually don't research/worry about those scenarios, so I can probably get somebody to pay full price for him.

Any other guys you can think of that might be overvalued based on reputation?

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