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Originally Posted by Turtleneck Plek View Post
Please stop acting like you are the bearer of truth in a world of ignorance. Perhaps saying the government wasn't the right way to put it, but you know exactly what I meant. If you are on strike, there are no exams, no classes. You cannot be failed for not showing up to things that are not happening.

And tax-payer this, tax-payer that. We are all tax payers. We will all be tax payers. You think students are so shortsighted that they don't understand that they will also be paying for the future generations' education? Please get off your high horse. Students don't have lobbyists who can invite Charest or Beauchamp at Paul Desmarais' cottage for the weekend to relax and discuss about what's best for their *****. We don't have a choice but to do what we do the way we do it. Or do you think we shouldn't have the right to be heard?

You wanna find money? Look at Plan Nord, look at Anticosti's oil reserves, look at mining in the North. But these don't fit your agenda, and therefore aren't valuable options. Sure, Charest won't look for money elsewhere, but the next elected government might. And if this strike keeps on, best believe elections are gonna come sooner than later. I wonder, in your adult world, how this whole debate will effect political agendas. Since you are so well-versed and obviously of higher knowledge, please do inform me.

Charest's government isn't the only option. And it's not like Charest's popularity is anything to write about either.

I'd also like to add that I'm not against the idea of a moderate, longer-term hike that would follow inflation rates if it is proved that there is a need for it. However, we should not be stuck to pay a 75% increase because the government has been mismanaging the education sector for the past 50 years. There's no accountability, it's terrible.
huh... what agenda ? last I know, I'm not the one "fighting" for anything, I'm not the one on "strike" here.

Actually, you do have a choice, while it may seems that you dont, you always do... sometimes its between bad and worst... but hey, you had that choice and YOU made the decision !

And you sure have the right to voice your opinion on anything you think is important to you... this particular time, you just felt like talking about money, asking the Govt to backoff on a raise while the tax payers (you know, the ones who work full time) get zlitch and while they read/hear on a daily basis their tax-$ is going nowhere it should, or at least it looks that way... and at the end of the day, you're going on strike to save a few $. Nothing more, nothing less.

True, Charest isnt very popular, and is far from a good PM... but his only true opponents are Marois and Legault (to a lesser extent)... Marois and Legeault really, think about it for a sec.

And lastly, no I dont think I know better... considering I've finished high school close to 30 years ago you'd have to be a fu****g dumb student not to know more than me on this particular subject (costs and all)

but what I'm smart enough to get, is that despite all the PLQ moves, someone like Marois never came close to become a PM, she doesnt have what it takes, so to speak... so yeah, she may look like the right person (from a student POV), but we should fear the possibility of her being our PM.

and I'm also experienced (sound better than "old" ) enough to know that most promises made during of before campain well... well...

and (again) experienced enough to picture the "minds" behind the PLQ looking at every angles and thinking of every possible way to use this to their advantage the day they heard about a possible strike.

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