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Originally Posted by VL55 View Post
Grundman is in the discussion because of Wickenheiser?

Doug Wickenheiser was big, strong, a center and had just scored 89 goals and 170 points in the WHL. He looked a damn good bet!

Denis Savard was a great choice and in fact had slightly better number (181 points but significantly less goals). But he had enough question marks that he wasn't even second overall but third choice of the draft. He was smaller, a wingman, had posted his numbers in a slightly weaker league etc. He seemed to have a bit less value. In hindsight, he had the runaway best career of the draft but I don't see how picking Doug was dumb given what he had shown. Today's crowd would scream bloody murder if we let passed someone like him at the draft ('Big center! Big Center! Arg! *stroke*).

When you get pocket aces preflop, you gotta bet them. If pocket kings break them, so be it, you still can't second guess your bet.

Houle was the worst, no Question. Gainey was actually above average in his first few years. He did improve the team a lot from the Houle mess. Then it sadly went downhill. We all know the events it coincided with so I'll cut him a break.

Gauthier on the other hand might be solidifying his hold on the number two spot.
Langway trade was kind of dumb

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