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11-17-2003, 03:55 AM
Capt Tuttle
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Originally Posted by Foppa_Rules
Not light years ahead, but he does seem to be a bit ahead because he is older despite having started playing at a later age. We'll see what Sydneykins does in the upcoming WJ Championship. I have no doubts that Sydneykins is good, but Ovechkin IS lightyears ahead in maturity.
Speaking of mature, how old are you? What is with the childish name calling? Grow up! Crosby started skating earlier, so he should be better????? You're going on about plastic sticks and pucks (???) cell phones (???) Crosby being immature or overconfident. Do you know Crosby personally or are you making stuff up?

I do know both kids are very talented! Who will be the better player? Unless you have a crystal ball that works, who knows right now. You can give us your opinion without having to attack the player you don't like in such an infantile manner.

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