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03-23-2012, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
I don't think you know what you are talking about.
Visnovky was voted the best D man in Slovakia in 1999. I think it's a case of him not making himself draft eligible before that.
Because if he had passed through drafts before, he would have been able to sign with teams as a UFA

Cliche isn't Fraser. Cliche weighs 175 pounds. He can't be nearly as physical as Fraser is. And I am pretty sure Fraser would fare much better in fights.

King was never views as minor league crap. He was a 21 year old the first time he was called up and he obviously learned from his first call up.

The question is....why were two other forwards called up before Cliche? Because Cliche isn't ready.
All players at 19 at draft eligible. The only age you can make yourself ineligible is at 18, which has to do with college/unversity regulations. So yes, Visnovsky was eligble, and passed over, four times before LA grabbed him.

Also, prior to the current CBA, European players couldn't sign as a free agent if they were passed over. They had to be drafted in order to join the NHL. It's why you didn't see UFA Euro signings back in the day. This is even true of europeans who had come to North America and were well into the 20's, they had to be drafted. An example from the Kings is Vladimir Tsyplakov, who was drafted in 1995 at the age of 26 even though he had played the past three years in the IHL with the Fort Wayne Komets.

Bottom line is, Visnovsky was eligible, wasn't taken and wasn't even on the NHL radar until he was 24, while Berg was a top end pick with 230 games under his belt by that time. Using your Cliche/Fraser idea, Visnovsky shouldn't ever have reached the NHL, never mind being an all-star who blew away anything Berg ever accomplished.

As for Cliche, Cliche doesn't need to be physical, that's what Clifford and Nolan are for on that line. All LA needs is someone who is defensively responsible and can win a few faceoffs. Btw, according to the AHL site, he's 203 lbs.

The Monarchs own site has him at 207 lbs.

So no idea where you got the 175 lbs. Maybe from his draft year.

Fraser isn't here for his fighting either. Like I said, that stuff can get left to Cliffy and Nolan.

Finally, if you don't think King was viewed as minor league crap on these boards before his recall, go back and read some threads. Outside of TonellisGhost, many on here had little good to say about King, based mainly on his six game stint last year. It's the same for Cliche. Heck, it was the same for Fraser until he got his chance.

I'm all for keeping Fraser, but not for $1 million. Under $750,000 or we can replace him from within, likely by Cliche.

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