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03-23-2012, 09:37 AM
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I really don't get the whole My Lil' Pony craze...

Nice bet between hockey diva and 101st. Seppuku (harakiri) would have been more ballsy, but bets are always fun

And as far as some Pens fan saying Nashville is a crappy team, you have to remember one thing. The Pens absolutely sucked for a while before they got Crosby, Malkin, MAF, etc. That team was just bad. The fan base was dwindling. The team was nearly sold to Balsillie and moved just before Nashville was nearly bought by Balsillie and moved. Then, they went to a SCF twice, winning one. Their bandwagon is over capacity right now. A lot of new fans. A lot of young fans. A lot of people who are perfectly capable of talking out of their ***** when emotions are high, regardless of if the emotion is happiness or anger. It's pretty easy to spot the people on HF Boards who don't know a damn thing about hockey. Just ignore them

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