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03-23-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
On the positive negative poster thing I think that we are all equally both about certain aspects of the team (game universe etc) from time to time. There are and have been several problems with the team over the years that I have been vocal about here on these boards and will continue to do so.

To me the real problem here is that there are times when all of us cross the line and go after a poster for their perspective in a manner that we wouldn't do if they were sitting in front of us and that is the only real B.S. or act of fairweather*ness*? that I ever see.

We are all right and wrong about things but like I have said in another thread recently positive or negative you can read the passion that each poster feels for the team so it is a good thing that we aren't ever really challenging how much or less of a fan that someone is as a result.

Disagree with the position, not the person sort of thing.

Oh and I am a hopeless optimist who typically sees things on the positive side and really get the most joy out of watching the team and trying to cheer for them like a "7th man" rather than rip them apart but that is just *my way* of seeing things and nothing more than a preference. No wrong no right.

For the last two games DD has struggled, no doubt about it. He looks like he is playing hurt but this is the time of year that you do that sort of thing so I am alright with it. For how bad he is playing at times he is equally brilliant at others so here's to him healing quickly.

I can't say a single bad thing about Voynov. Another 22yo child playing a very difficult position against men and he is playing better than allot of established highly thought of pro's most of the time. I can only imagine him at 27/28, the kid is going to be scary good.

How about A Mart King Nolan and Lewis? Our kids are looking good and playing really well. Kozun Muzzin Andy Andy are next (to me anyways) and when they get here we are going to be happy again imo.

Kitsyn Vey Toffoli in the pipeline should become impact players for us too. GREAT TIME TO BE A KINGS FAN!

I have to admit I was worried about last nights game but we not only stood up to the Blues but we left with 2 points. Great job by our team even with the officials allowing some serious mugging. What comes around goes around though so we will get our blind eyes the next game.

I knew that when TM left that it would take a little time to get us back on track and here we are, truly on the right track.

Playoffs are right there for us to take.

GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!
Now that you mention it...I wonder if it's his hip from the other game? i was going to say I'd rather see them regulate his minutes a little bit; he seems like he's back in the habit of playing a lot of minutes instead of playing a lot of good minutes. By that I mean plays like mentioned above--backing off to the front of the net instead of going to a guy, having a hard time backchecking after pinching in, heck, there was a play last night where he LET a forward beat him to the corner and instead of either backing off or throwing a REAL hit, he simply skated into him and fell down. It's painful to watch. I hope he's okay, but also hope he's not simply gassed.

My goodness, do I ever love our 4th line. Nolan seems to grow every game. This guy is going to be a beast. Clifford was making mostly smart little plays all night and is showing some speed and some nice lateral movement cutting into the slot. Fraser is a great sparkplug and a nice vet to have with them out there. He's actually very smart--doesn't try to play beyond his abilities.

I don't know what to make of the third line; they're a real wild card. They've been great lately, and they have many more good shifts than bad, but one shift they'll look like worldbeaters, and on others they look like AYSO soccer.

I'm glad Richards scored in the shootout, but I'm also glad he acknowledged his own bad play. I thought he looked like absolute garbage during most of the game last night. I still think he's playing injured.

Kopitar is in full beast mode. Him vs. Backes is actually a sweet matchup to watch. So much skill and physicality.

That above may have looked nitpicky, but man, what a hockey game. I can only imagine the eastcoasters waking up and going "0-0? Boring. I knew it, Blues and Kings are trap teams lolz" etc., but what we saw last night was very technical, smart playoff hockey for the most part. That entire first period, the Blues looked like the old Red Army teams--methodical with no mistakes. I'm glad we were able to recover nicely from that and make the final two periods a total war. They've got a hell of a good thing going with their skill and physical depth. Do not want in the first round.

Oh, and what can be said about Quick that hasn't already been said?

I will also admit I thought Elliot may have been a system product, especially after the Lolliot we saw over the last few years, but he looked good on the rare breakdowns last night.

Can we make it 7? GKG!

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