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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
I guess when a doctor tells you something you say "**** what do you know about healing and the body?. I am gonna go ask my buddies on hfboard because in hindsight they are always right"

Markov was expected back early, you just can't seem to get it through your mind that gauthier wasn't sitting there thinking "geez how can I **** this team? Oh thats right I will sign markov long term knowing full well he wont play this year" Use some common sense for crying out loud. YOu think they are going to run out and make a huge trade against the advice of medical professionals? Give me your magic ball miss Cleo.

As reguards to your first point yes the coaching is a much bigger factor than markov. I see you trying to pin everything on his signing in a vain/sad attempt to blame gauthier.

I am sure managment will monitor his progress in these games and over the offseason, 5 games is not enough to determine sweet **** all let alone the mans career a year from now.

Gauthier's job is to field a competitive team. He failed. It doesn't matter what he was thinking, nor do you need to be a doctor to diagnose the fact that Markov has played 5 games this year, thus leaving the team with a massive hole that Gauthier failed to fill. Those are facts. I don't understand why you can't face them, but there it is.

Also, where exactly are these statements from actual doctors that guaranteed Markov would be healthy this season? How did you come by this information? What doctor are you listening to?

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