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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
Gimme Howie and Maloney in the TV booth, send Micheletti to NBC, and Kenny and Leetch in the radio booth.

Howie is easily the biggest die-hard Rangers fan of any broadcaster in the world, but he's also the most critical. That's why I like him. Every year the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs or playoff contention, Howie would open his radio show with a 20-minute rant about how pathetic the Rangers were, how pathetic the FO was, how pathetic the Garden was etc. You could tell he had just finished kicking in his TV screen before he went on the air.
This - 100 times this (not convinced about Leetch doing radio color, but everything else). I would love an announcing team that isn't afraid to criticize the team, think Howie would be the perfect PBP guy, and really love Maloney's insights as a color guy. Maloney's not the most polished talker, but that really adds to his charm - he tells it like it is, and always seems to be able to point out something that I've missed.

I didn't mind Joe M when he first got here, but I've really noticing him towing the company line this season. He's not Jack Edwards-bad, but I'd prefer to nip it in the bud before he gets worse. it sometimes makes watching losing games unbearable, because he's glossing over the mistakes the Rangers are making - nothing worse than the Rangers playing awfully and then being patronized about it as well.

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