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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
If Keith gets more then 5 games I question the league. 5 games for a first time offender is about as big as it comes and is deserved by Keith it was a reckless stupid play. However if he gets 5-7 games which is what Sutton got for doing a repeat offense in the same season then I start to thing the league has more then just a player safety agenda.
I think you are missing 1 big thing here.

The meeting was originally called to a phone hearing for a 1st time offender, aka maybe 3 games. After the fact a Ref or Linseman came forward and said " I heard Keith say he was gonna get Daniel".

Ok, now the phone call changes to a in person hearing because it was a "Bounty" hit if you will.

Being a first time offender has gone out the window because he said he was gonna do it.

Edit: As a Canucks fan i say 10 games, as a Hockey fan i say 6.. Therefor 8 seems just right.. All in all, we are all humans and Daniel Sedin most likely wont play the rest of the regular season and possibly further. Duncan Keith gets a rest and can be overly fresh for the playoffs.

So anything less than 8 games and the blackhawks are laughing all the way to the playoffs IMO.

Therefor Im thinking Duncan Keith gets 8 games.

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