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03-23-2012, 11:22 AM
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Long Time Canuck Fan here that hates but respects the hawks skill.

IMO if they gave D Sedin a 1 game suspension or a 5 min and a misconduct i wouldnt have been up in arms about it. If kieth isnt a dirty player then Sedin is a saint. I dont think sedin was intending to hit keith in the head but fact is he did. not a good hit and worth at minimum of a penalty or at most a game maybe 2.

The Problem with Keiths retalitation is its PURELY predatory. the puck is 10 feet over sedins head and keith delivers a boderline leaping elbow to Daniels head. This kind of hit has got to go.. period. Your missing toews we missing sedin crosby backstrom ect ect i wanna watch these guy play hockey not goons throw elbows.

I think keith will get a stiff penalty because
A such a nationaly watched game
B how bad it looks with regards to the predatory nature of it.

imo between 3-7 games.

D sedin has already missed 1 game due to injury if he missed 1-3 more what more do you want?

I can promise you as a van fan id 100 % rather not have sedin out or have kieth suspended. All it is doing is giving an easier 1st round to someone else doesnt help Van at all.

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