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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
**EDIT: Saw that Dirty Dion beat me to it, not sure if I have anything more...**

Wasn't that much to it.

- Talked about the emergency call-ups, whether it was done for a legit emergency or just to get the guys (Hamilton and Kadri) time with the big team, id est was it a forward injured or was it a defender. Duds was asked if it needed to be position for position or if you could call-up a defender for a forward. Duds said he didn't think you would want to do that.

- Was asked about Ron Wilson allegedly having a disconnect between himself and Luke Schenn, which may have been the reason for Luke's sturggles. Dudley said he didn't really have knowledge if that was the case but said RW was a good coach and a good friend and wished him well in his career.

- Talked about his experience in Tampa Bay and Chicago, how both organizations endured years of "We're never going to be a contender" attitude from fans and sometimes management, yet the GM in each case had a plan and stuck to it and they became legit contenders.

- Dudley feels the Leafs have a lot of pieces in place already, and that a jump to elite team isn't that far away. Said he thought that there could be a chance it happens next season. [IMO it was said as speculative and not starry-eyed homerism, more meant to indicate that the team doesn't have that much more to add to be a great team]

- Talked about the prospects in the system, specifically mentioned Colborne as a potential 1C or 2C big-bodied centre that a lot of teams will covet. Talked about Gardiner and his great hockey sense and danger sense, said Gardiner could eventually be a #1 or #2 defenceman.

- Was asked about how important prospects are in the cap world, since ELCs are so good at getting a young star under the cap. Dudley said that that was a small part of everything. He said that one of the good things about the Leafs is there is a smaller gap between the stars already on the team (Kessel, Lupul, Phaneuf) and the prospects that are developing. Said that when Gardiner is ready to be the NHLer he will become, guys like Phaneuf and Kessel will still be there and the team will grow together.

*I think that's most of it, may've missed a few things...*
No thanks for you. You were beat to it and then you add you might have missed a few things. What was the point?

Anyways. I say blow this team up

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