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Originally Posted by Thrash2Smash25 View Post
I understand that but we have to be realistic. The odds of the NHL expanding beyond even 30 teams doesn't seem very likely and even if they did ATL would not be one of the front runners. We also have to realize that Atlanta has had 2 cracks at the NHL and both times the end result was the team packing up and heading north of the border. Minor league hockey has had some success in the Atlanta area, the Atlanta Knights drew very well in the few seasons they were here and won the Turner Cup and the Gwinnett Gladiators have always been in the top 5 in attendance and have made the playoffs in 7 out of 9 seasons and even managed to make it to the finals in 2006. I'm sure there are many cities that have supported minor league hockey for decades that would love a crack at the NHL(Milwaukee comes to mind) so the odds are certainly stacked against Atlanta getting a third try so I am just going to take whatever cards are dealt.
I understand the odds are next to nothing that we get a third shot (or first REAL shot with competent ownership). I also agree minor-league hockey is better than no hockey.

All I'm saying is that I will NEVER accept that mantra that Atlanta is merely a minor-league market.

You can see me as Sisyphus or some crackpot if you like, but I will NEVER stop advocating Atlanta's case as an NHL market, even if I never live to see us get the fair shot we deserve.

I will not let those (people) at A$G and (Bettman and the BOG who allowed them to destroy us as a market) break me.

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