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03-23-2012, 11:44 AM
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Found this article on the web

Worst trades in Montreal Canadiens History.

14 LeClair, Desjardins, Dionne -Dr Reechi-->S Savard
13 Janik, McDonagh, Higgins, Valentenko -Gomez, Pyatt, Busto -->Gainey
12 Ribiero - Niinimaa, 5th --> Gainey
11 Richer, Tucker, Wilkie - Poulin, Vukota, Ulanov--> Houle
10 Red Berenson - Ted Taylor, Garry Peters --> Pollock
9 Lumme - 2nd (C Darby) --> S Savard
8 Damphousse - 5th(Thinel) 1st(Hossa) 2nd (Kiel McLoed) --> Houle
7 Danny Grant, Claude Larose, Don Marshall - 1st (Dave Gardner) Bob Murdoch, cash --> Pollock
6 Chelios, 2nd (M Pomichter) - Savard --> S Savard
5 Langway, Engblom, Jarvis, Laughlin - Green, Walter --> Grundman
4 Turgeon, Fitzpatrick, Conroy - Baron, Corson --> Houle
3 Ted Kennedy - Frank Eddols --> T Gorman
2 Morenz, Lorne Chabot, Marty Burke - Lionel Conacher, Leroy Goldsworthy, Roger Jenkins --> Dandurand
1 Roy, Keane - Rucinsky, Kovalenko, Thibault --> Houle

I voted for Houle. Others made some trades that would go in the best trades articles. Savard and Gainey fall in that category. Hard to find good trades from Houle. Except maybe the Hackett Weinrich Naseradine for Thibault Brown Manson.

As a GM Houle earned his nickname of Ragin Foule. The only worst GM I can see in hockey history is Mad Mike Milbury.

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