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03-23-2012, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by CampbellBetterBeGOD View Post
Strange, you're the first person I've ever heard say they prefer Chipotle over Freebirds. Personally, I find Chipotle's burritos are far too bland for my liking so much so that I only ever ate there 3 times the entire time I lived in Dallas. I moved to Austin and had a Freebirds nearby and I've eaten there probably a dozen times in the past year.

I've gotta get over to Torchy's, but I'm always completely across town when the mood strikes.
I'm in his camp. To me chipotle is just better food than freebirds. People tend to get caught up and distracted with how many options you have at freebirds, but it's just not as good quality as chipotle. Oh, and on the spice front I mix in an absurd amount of all three tobascos.

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