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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Auction draft tomorrow. Any advice? I've never done one. How much should I overpay for guys? Should I not bid early in hopes others overpay?
Auction drafts are so much fun. What are the parameters? Ie, mix league or AL/NL Only, head to head / roto, positions, categories, budget...

My usual tactic with auction drafts is to nominate guys I have absolutely no interest in (pretty much the previous post) during the early rounds. Every auction I've done, people tend to overspend in the beginning and then get conservative in the middle. That's when I usually like to swoop in and get a few 2nd tier guys for below suggested price.

Do you know if the people you're up against have done an auction before? I did an auction league with friends last year who had never done one before. One guy spent something stupid like $80 (out of $260) on Albert Pujols. Suffice to say, having one awesome guy didn't make up for the other 23 players on his roster.

Are you doing the draft through Yahoo? Typically I've done auctions with friends in person, but last year we did it online. Yahoo put suggested prices on each player and they were horribly skewed towards batting. Basic strategy says to spend about $200 on batting and $60 on pitching, but I got so many bargains on pitching that I just went with it. Ended up spending ~$100 on pitching and more or less won every pitching category handily.

Are free agents first come, first served or are you guys using FAAB? If you're in a mix league without a ton restrictions on picking guys up, there'll usually be a bunch of decent players available at all times. So I'd draft for upside if that's the case. There's usually a ton of roster turnover throughout the season with a mixed league.

In AL/NL Only, you might have to take injury history into more consideration.

Have a cheat sheet ready and draw out an outline of what your team will look like budget wise. Something like:

C: $5
1B: $30
2B: $15
SS: $10
3B: $25
etc, etc

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