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Originally Posted by RonFournier View Post
The negociations from which the students slammed the door weren't negociations at all, we had the right to discuss only one question: "How much will the hike be?" There were no discussions about if a hike was needed or if a serious study was needed before changing anything. all the other questions were decided by the Principals, the Liberals and the Employers Council.

The numbers that the government uses to say that universities need money are the ones from the CRÉPUQ (Principals and Rectors), they're NEVER going to say that they have enough money. We have to base these decisions on serious studies and true negociations, we can't afford to trust the mismanaging SOBs who waste our money by hundreds of millions.
With actual economical situation, I highly doubt that there will be no raise. serious studies is only a strategy to gain time

Why not give a raise, do the study and then adjust. If it ends that no raise was required, refund every student

as for the student that recieve an accoustic bomb...Doctors said that its almost impossible that it was the accoustic bomb.

He had no auditive trauma

also what I hate about "democratic" election at schools is the way they did it. at Edouard montpetit college,

they made a vote which was "unlimited strike until the governement solve the issue"
it was rejected, but redid a new vote with "2 week strike".

its kind of gay

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