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Originally Posted by RonFournier View Post
The negociations from which the students slammed the door weren't negociations at all, we had the right to discuss only one question: "How much will the hike be?" There were no discussions about if a hike was needed or if a serious study was needed before changing anything. all the other questions were decided by the Principals, the Liberals and the Employers Council.
Tuition has to rise at some point, if only because of inflation. The ASSÉE seeks totally free education. They won't ever accept an hike no matter what.

The real way to fix the never ending psychodrama that are the tuition fees in Quebec would be either to set the student's cost responsibilities to a permanent and agreed upon % of the total educational budget (say around 15-20% I guess, like it is right now IIRC?) or agree for an immediate hike now and an automatic rise every year that follows the increase of cost of living. That's a sustainable plan, at least more sustainable than our current model of systematic confrontation. But if you are against hikes no matter what, and in fact openly promote absolutely free education, and you're not interested in reconsidering your positions no matter how unpopular, you're not helping.

The problem is that, deep down, the big students rights groups are heavily composed of anticapitalists extremists who have a much wider agenda than simply protecting the students. They are mainly driven by ideology, not actually fixing stuff. The cyclical student protests are a nice way to get exposure, and there's no need for them to be stopped any time soon.

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