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03-23-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Ottersfan View Post
You are joking right? no one is forcing these kids to move away from their homes to play hockey. They are doing it because it is the next step in their dream of one day playing in the NHL. These kids are fortunate to have the skill to be able to play at such a high level. That is like saying some one who signed up for the military should never have to leave home or fight to defend their country. I am a huge supporter of our troops do not get me wrong but they signed up to do it just like all of the players in this league.

If a player is serious about a career in hockey or any sport for that matter it may take moving away to better your game. That is just how it is and these kids will gladly do it to be playing in the NHL some day.
yes, because the military drafts 15 and 16 year old kids, dispatches them off to far off places and doesnt pay them, and your odds of staying in the military and making a career of it are also in the vicinity of 0 %

The way you describe it, you'd think that most of the kids in the CHL actually ever earn money in some form of hockey, and that they should be grateful that there are business owners out there that are willing to let them chase their dreams by working for free while they line their pockets with free labour.

is it fun for the kids? probably. they get to play hockey - what kid who loves hockey doesnt like to play hockey. that's not the point.

why dont you find a list of business or sports leagues that employ children as young as 15/16, essentially forces them to play in cities that could be a thousand plus miles from home in for profit enterprises that dont pay said employees.

just because they sign up for it doesnt make it a good system.
what other choice do they have? to NOT play. not much of a choice is it?
do you think its OK for the NCAA to rake in billions of the backs on unpaid athletes who cant even get a free lunch without putting the entire program at that school in danger of suspension? at least those guys get scholarships and have their post secondary education paid for.

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