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Originally Posted by chrisx101 View Post
IMO Top 10:


HM: D'amigo, Leivo, Owuya

Weakness - lacking potential #1 C
Strength - W, physical prospects, D

Blacker has been one of my favourite prospects since being drafted. Had a strong training camp last season and plays a similar game as Gardiner while being better defensively, slightly worse offensively. Uses his smooth skating and hockey IQ to his advantage.

Ross has the pesky physical presence that is common in only a select few players throughout the league. Has the heart, the drive, and the willingness to be a Tucker-lite in the future.

Granberg i have limited viewing of however, every time I watch I'm amazed. Gunnarsson type defensive D.
I would just like to add that the leafs have alot of "safe" or pro projected prospects, as in they have games that are likely to make them at least pros (whether NHL or AHL is undetermined).

Also, in regards to Blacker. Blacker is probably NOT better than Gardiner defensively, he simply plays it differently. Gardiner is all positioning, stickwork, and simple puck separation via body angles and speed. Blacker uses his size, strength, balance, and strong puck pursuit to play d.

EDIT: Granberg. Those expect Gunnarsson IMO will be disappointed. He can move the puck and has above average hockey sense, but do not expect him to be teeing up nice passes. He can pinch and keep a cycle going but one should not expect a top 4 dman at this point (which gunnarsson is).

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