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Originally Posted by Darkness View Post
Management always makes everything sound better than it is, no matter if its Loblaws or the Leafs. We've heard this for 7 years and we haven't made an inch of progress. If all it takes is a guy to spout some BS about how good his players and prospects are when we never see any results. If this is all that's needed to have faith then its easy to see why we are always mediocre.

Why doesn't anyone ask the tough questions like "what happened to the no 5 year rebuild" "Why hasn't Burke made an inch of progress with this team" "What are they gonna do with the goaltending situation that isn't sit on the guys they already have"

Instead the Fan basically went up to Dudley and said: "give us your sales pitch". These guys can make a river of **** seem like a river of milk and honey.
Maybe since the interview was with the Director of Player Personnel then they would ask Dudley questions that relate to his responsibilities and not Burke's.

Just a wild guess.

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