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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
Yeah, right. Bourque is big AND a scorer despite his struggles with us so far, and I'm more than willing to let him redeem himself next year. Don't act like PG is turning us into a team of goons, the size is a very welcome addition.
I'm not acting like anything. I'm just recalling what PG said already. And I'm looking at facts. We lost Cammalleri (not that I liked him) and Kostitsyn (didn't really liked him either) that represented our 'talent' department. Since then, our lines have shown Blunden, Bourque, Staubitz, White among others. Add a Moen to that and it's not that far from a goon team. Not to mention that Leblanc tends to lean more on the 'grinder' type than the 'sniper' one. As well as Darche, ect. So please tell me how this team is not turning into a goon/grinding oriented team?

Bourque is big AND has an incredible talent to miss the net. No but seriously, everybody in the world of hockey knows that Bourque is a guy like Pouliot or Kostitsyn. He shows up 1 game and sleeps on the next 4. Sure the salary cap is better looking than when Cammy did the same, but at the end of the day, Bourque is not as physical as we thought him to be and his shot is not as great as Cammy's. (Just to make it clear, I really didn't like Cammy so don't come argumenting that Cammy sucked, you'd be right).

As for Gallagher, he's awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing him play with the big club asap.

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