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03-23-2012, 03:11 PM
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Don't wear one? Sorry I don't know it your league requires them, but mouthguards are nearly useless in no contact leagues.

I play in a no contact league and don't wear mouthguards. I keep it in my glove if the ref says anything but they are just not protective.

1) They aren't going to stop you from biting your tongue, because they aren't intended to do that. No matter how much plastic is in your mouth your bottom teeth will always push your talk into the top of your mouth and still bite it hard.

2) They won't stop your teeth from getting knocked out, and often make it worse because it may get loose and when you take your mouth guard off it may pull the tooth out if you have a tight fitting mouth guard.

3) They don't "prevent" concussions and it's been said that they hardly do anything at all by many sport doctors.

4) Concussions haven't slowed down since mouthguards were introduced(I don't mean NHL or pro levels)

I don't know just my oppinion on them. I mean yeah the NHL mandated them but they haven't mandated neckguards and in almost all cases a concussion is alot less severe then getting your jugular sliced by a racer blade.

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