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Originally Posted by BlueJackets66 View Post
The cap space with no new contracts for next year will $17,499,358 (according to and that number does not include Nash's $7.8 salary so the number could go to $25,299,358ish if we trade Nash (not knowing salary coming back). With the stigma we already have as a losing franchise it is hard to attract already proven UFA's (Suter, Parise) so what would y'all suggest we do with the money using about 80% of the cap space we have? What UFA's would you like to see? Keep the money for in-season trades? Don't do anything! I read an article on Twitter that despite success stories like Nashville and a few other teams who continue to be successful on "budgets", it is proven that teams who spend win!!! Would love to find out the different lines of thinking! (Mods sorry if this needs to be moved)
The only way to attract proven UFAs is to get involved in a bidding war. What makes this year unique is that free agency opens on July 1, and the CBA doesn't expire until September 15. We may see one of those two sign with a team long-term, then watch that team be hamstrung by a reasonable contract that becomes al albatros within 10 weeks.

The only way to get UFAs who are in their prime and productive would be by trading picks or prospects uncondtionally for their negotiating rights. Even then, it'd still take a market-value contract to actually get the guy signed.

Originally Posted by Nordique View Post
I think the most realistic way to bring in good talent is to make deals with picks or prospects, and be open to package deals which may involve being a salary dumping ground for cap challenged teams. Moving Nash could bring back a couple of pieces too. Its not going to be easy.

As for UFA's, our history involves overpaying for guys that are looking for a paycheck, not a project like rebuilding a team. Prospal has been a nice find, maybe we'll find a couple more guys like him that value competition and take pride in their play, but such players are typically drawn to more competitive organizations.
That's the nature of this franchise and a few others. Grow talent from within, sign UFAs to plug holes until the prospects are ready, and hope that you don't start hemorrhaging talent at some point. The only UFAs who consider Columbus (or Nashville, or Florida, or Tampa, or Phoenix, or Edmonton) are those who are either past their prime or are no longer productive. Prospal is the rare guy who's past his prime and still productive, but for the most part guys who are similar to him tend to stick with one team for a long time. This year's UFA group of aging-but-still-productive players are Milan Hejduk, Nicklas Lidstrom, Martin Brodeur, Shane Doan, and Ryan Smyth.

Originally Posted by ClevelandJacketFan View Post
Take on a bad contract so we can get more talent.

Either that or take on a bad contract during the Nash trade and get a huge return for Nash.
Depending on how the new CBA looks, there could be a huge market for short-term horrible contracts, with the payoff being that it would take a high draft pick and/or top prospect for the guy's old team to succeed in dumping that salary.

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